Root Canal


Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment is the process of removing dead or infected nerve tissue from inside of the tooth. The nerves of a tooth sit inside a chamber called the Pulp and extend to the roots. When the pulp gets infected either by bacteria or trauma the nerves can become damaged or infected causing toothache. Root Canal Treatment aims to clean out the nerve space of the tooth and fill it with special material called Gutta percha to insure a good sealing of the spaces inside the roots to prevent the reoccurrence of the infection

The tooth will still remain attached to the surrounding jawbone, and continue to be nourished by the surrounding tissues.

What happens during treatment?

  1. Numbing the tooth – Local anaesthetic will be given to ensure maximum comfort during the treatment.
  2. Placing Rubber Dam – A rubber sheet is used to isolate the tooth from saliva and protect your airways from instruments.
  3. Access cavity will be made inside the tooth to facilitate access to the roots.
  4. Using special instruments and medication the roots will be cleaned and instrumented.
  5. Filling the root canal with a Gutta Percha.
  6. Depending on the tooth definitive restoration will made either by filling or crowns.
  7. X-rays are needed and will be obtained at different stages of the treatment to provide guidance and quality assurance.

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Benefits of Root Canal Treatment

  • Prevention of pain.
  • Helps to keep the tooth as the alternative treatment will be removing it.
  • Maintenance of appearance and function.

Risks of Root Canal Treatment

  • Fracture on instruments inside the canals. If this occurs, you will be informed. The files used are sterile and pose no risk to you, however can reduce the success outcome of the treatment. They are usually removed if possible or left in place and bypassed.
  • Sodium Hypochlorite is a very effective agent to clean the root canals and eliminate bacteria. Sometimes a small amount can get onto your soft tissues and cause a burning sensation and irritation of tissues.

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