Fairoaks Dental Surgery has been on it’s current site for over 70 years. We have undergone a full refurbishment and installed some of the latest technology to help us provide top-quality results.

We offer general dentistry and hygiene services as well as advanced treatments such as dental implants, Invisalign, cosmetic dentistry, oral surgery and sedation for nervous patients.

Our facilities are highly equipped with the very latest technology to ensure a smooth patient journey and predictable long-lasting dentistry.


Digital X-rays are taken to help our dentists evaluate and diagnose many dental conditions.

At Fairoaks Dental Surgery we use digital x-rays which produce much less radiation than traditional x-rays, minimizing radiation exposure for our clients, meaning the radiation dose is up to ten times less than a traditional manually developed X-ray. It also enables the pictures to be viewed almost immediately as well as enlarged or enhanced to ensure correct diagnosis, and the results can be shared with our patients instantly.


We have the facility to undertake and generate 3 dimensional x-rays, carry out in-depth diagnostics, treatment plans and order surgical guides to enable a streamlined and safe approach to implant dentistry.

3D imaging allows us to achieve greater diagnostic accuracy, making implant treatment safer and more effective. It can also be used for other treatment modalities (e.g. Root canal treatment).

Local practitioners in the area are also able to refer their patients for CT scanning using our online referral form.


The TRIOS intraoral scanner creates documented-accurate digital colour impressions of your teeth without the need for using impression material in the mouth. It can be used to replace conventional impressions in most circumstances and is great for those that suffer with heightened gag reflexes. Each record we take is securely stored and can be accessed in the future to assess any changes that may be occurring in your mouth.


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